In 2017, EquallyAble completed a visionary Strategic Plan to direct our growth as we expand our resources to reach out to improve the lives of even more people with disabilities.  We have already taken the first step in the Plan by hiring a new Executive Director, Tim Grogan.

As we welcome our new Executive Director, we are excited about the many possibilities that await EquallyAble, from creating a structure for its sustainability to positioning it to tap into new growth opportunities and possibilities.  His hiring is a key element in implementing our new Strategic Plan and the many initiatives you will see over coming months designed to grow our programs and expand our reach.

Tim is a Harvard MBA with broad leadership experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors, including serving as the Executive Director of a large national nonprofit organization.  He demonstrated a deep enthusiasm and commitment to our mission while working collaboratively with our Board to create the Strategic Plan, and is excited to be a part of moving EquallyAble to the next stage of its growth.