EquallyAble is marching on a new vision to build #RewardsForever, an endowment to create institutions and establishments that will out last our lives. The foundation is gearing its all fund raising efforts and activities to raise funds for the next twelve months. EquallyAble expects to raise $.5M initially and around $1M over time to sufficiently fund the  new endowment.

EquallAble’s endowment, #RewardsForever, is designed to encourage institutional building and social innovation that is selfmotivating, and to continue our mission on a regular and sustainable basis. An endowment is a pool of funds which is invested to provide returns or ongoing income, either for a designated purpose or for general operating support.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Your donations and support are critical to realizing this vision and to cultivate a new thinking; one that will empower people with disabilities globally and help them to gain honor, dignity and independence. No matter what the donation is, the rewards will keep coming back to you forever.

  1. Strategically position us to initiate high impact programs
  2. Create self sustaining, institutions to maximize impact
  3. Long term vision to encourage, collaboration and cost share
  4. Not to support current programs and initiatives
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