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Employment offerings to people with disabilities has been a problem through out the world, even some of the most advanced countries have unemployment rate as high as 73% among people with disabilities. Government of India’s National Sample Survey of 1991 indicates that there are seven million employable people with disabilities in the country waiting for some kind of jobs. Out of these, only 100,000 have got jobs in last 40 years, that amounts to only .1percent employment rate among people with disabilities.

This program provides financial assistance to start small business such as:

  • Telephone booths, internet cafes, tea stalls etc.
  • Photo copy center, sewing center
  • Others

People with mobility, vision and hearing and other impairments with lower income are eligible to apply. To apply click here.

He Never Gave Up…

Physically disabled Jamaluddin, lives in a small village in Anantapur District,currently earning $60 per month after an internet café was established by EquallyAble. Low cost refurbished PCs were used to set up his cafe. He says this business has provided a livelihood they had once imagined impossible.

Your $1000 will help start one such internet cafe:

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