Equipment assists individuals who experience, disability to achieve and maintain optimal functioning and makes interaction with their environments and surroundings possible. By providing equipment such as leg braces, crutches, three-wheel moped, wheelchairs and hearing aids; offering medical guidance and hosting medical camps we are increasing mobility and mainstreaming people with disabilities as citizens of our society. Our goal is to fill the much needed gap in bringing solutions that increase their mobility and improve quality of life.
The initiatives under this program include:

1. Durable Medical Equipment – providing assistance for orthotics, prosthetics, motorized three-wheel scooters, hearing aids, etc so they walk, hear & see again
2. Medical Camps- conducting assessment and distribution of durable medical equipment in areas where such services are not readily available.
3. Medical Guidance & Surgeries -Providing better medical care and solutions to individuals by seeking expert advice from healthcare professionals

Among the 90 million people with disabilities in India, 4.6 million require orthotics and prosthetics aides such as artificial limbs and braces, 1.4 million require crutches and canes, 12 million with vision impairment require some type of assistive technology to help them, and another 12 million with hearing and speech impairments are in need of hearing aides.

EquipmentAssist program will provide financial assistance for the following:

  • Orthotics and prosthetics aide such as artificial limbs, braces, crutches and canes
  • Motorized three wheeler scooters such as Luna or Kinetic Honda
  • Vision aides such as smart sticks, walking dogs etc.
  • Hearing aides
  • Surgical procedures, only in exceptional cases

People with mobility impairments, people with vision impairments and people with hearing impairments with lower income are eligible to apply.

Letting Them Walk Again…

Hailing from a poor family in Nizamabad, Ravi, a post polio survivor, never knew that his dream of bracing a light weight leg barce or caliper would come true. This leg brace would assist him to walk again and provide a means to school and to a bright future. EquallyAble stepped in and granted the required funds to get him the orthotics.

Where Offered: Global, India; Cost: $500-1000 per part

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