Faith plays a major role in the lives of people with disabilities. When nothing seems possible, they turn to their faiths and houses of worship to draw strength and regroup themselves. By working with different faiths and organizations, our goal is to make houses of worship more accessible for everyone by holding lectures, seminars, and workshops in different communities to change attitudinal barriers, and to provide accessibility guidelines and plan reviews for new or existing building renovations.

The initiatives under this program include:

  1. Accessibility Guidelines – Create minimum set of accessibility guidelines for houses of workshop, review plans for new or existing building renovations
  2. Interfaith Dialogue – Engaging different faiths in learning about disability, seeking best practices and lessons learned to better disability awareness
  3. Disability Awareness Campaign- a week long campaign to talk about disability at houses of workshop including talking points and recommended call to actions
  4. Include Me- Conducting seminars and workshops to improve inclusion and disability awareness across different communities and cities

Where Offered: USA, India, Global; Cost: $500-1000 per part

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