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People with disabilities can be productive members provided they are given equal access, support and inclusion in our society. Inclusion is an amazing thing when it shows up in families, communities and cities. However, at times it takes forever to permeate. EquallyAble recognizes that for people with disabilities and their families, support and inclusion is very important. Our goal is to improve inclusion and outreach and provide support to advance civic, economic and social participation of them in all spheres of our society.


The initiatives under this program include:

  1. Support Groups- providing a forum for families of children with special needs to come together and share their experiences and needs to find common healing
  2. Toys for special kids-bringing joy and happiness during Christmas, Eid, Hanukkah, Diwali, etc. by presenting toys to special kids to enhance their festivity
  3. Reflections in Colors-a contest at public/private schools to improve acceptance, inclusion & increase interaction among students with & without special needs.
  4. Institution & Infrastructure Support- providing accessible design guidance & financial support to schools for children with learning and cognitive disabilities

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For individuals with disabilities and their families, it is not enough to be merely independent, but it is also necessary to have a group that supports and provides an empathetic relationship. Such a group acts as a forum to meet, to discuss and to represent their interests and needs to the outside world; it can also work collectively to seek the support services from those in authority, bring caregivers and practitioners to provide guidance and counsel to those in need.

EquallyAble support groups will serve different purposes, depending on the situation and the need. Such a forum can help people to be visible members in the larger community. Members can support one another through sharing information on referral services and other available resources; help make decisions on family and individual matters etc. It will allow the membership to support other such groups, they can advocate jointly to obtain services, and for integration in the larger community. A number of support groups are being formed in different cities, if you like more information, write to us.

Where Offered: USA, Global; Cost: $500-1000 per part

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