A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.” According to the 2011 World Report on Disability, children with disabilities are less likely to start, stay, and be promoted in school. Our goal is to provide tuition assistance so that students with disabilities may learn and get education, acquire training that transition them into employment and assist individuals with cognitive and learning disabilities to obtain the skills necessary for daily routines.

The initiatives under this program include:

  1. Education-providing tuition assistance to earn primary, secondary, professional, and advanced professional training and courses to students with all disabilities
  2. Clustered Training –providing lodging, boarding, transportation and training group of individuals in key demand areas to transition them into full time jobs
  3. Daily Skills Training-assisting people with mental, learning and cognitive disabilities learn new skills to perform basic daily tasks and routines

Where Offered: Global, India; Cost: $500 per part

Seeing light in darkness

This is an amazing story of a family of eleven, 6 daughters and 3 sons which survives on the meager income of a private employee of Rs.4,000/- (US$82) per month. All 3 sons are visually impaired and rely on their mother for daily rituals, but this has not deterred them from seeking education. The eldest son has completed his M.A. B.Ed., his second brother is studying B.A. final year and the third brother is in Intermediate. EquallyAble has been offering tuition assistance to them and many such aspiring students.