We work to integrate people with disabilities into mainstream living, to help them become self-supporting and independent, and to enable them to lead an undiminished and accomplished life. The full potential of these individuals could only be realized when the communities and societies around them offer opportunities. To this end, we work to improve disability inclusion and increase awareness in communities and societies across the world.

We have restructured our programs to specifically work on individual and community outreach-together these programs will empower individuals and improve inclusion in communities, cities and countries. The re-branding of our programs is indicative of growth and global thinking.

Our programs are making a difference both at the individual and community level; the impact is seen not only in the USA and India where we have been working so far, but in other parts as well.

Over 5000 people received inclusion and disability awareness information in seminars, workshops and events acro
ss the USA. Around 3427 applicants have received assistance in India since 2001; over $585864 was

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2402 applicants have received education assistance at a cost of $251629. Around 100 mentally challenged students at PAWMENCAP and Prayatna are receiving daily living skills including lodging, boarding and training at a cost of $10000. Now  over 2700 individuals received educational assistance including assistance for cognitive disabilities






734 applicants have received equipment assistance at a cost of $82373. More rehab camps are planned in Amroha, Tanda and New Delhi. Medical guidance was provided to rehab related cases. We have now given over 2800 assistive devices such as leg braces, crutches, artificial limbs, hearing aides, walking canes etc.

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Over  350 small business providing financial stability and independence to individuals in rural and urban settings. Even our solar power innovation schemes have supported 20 applicants at a cost of $25000 to start solar based businesses.

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Around 40000  participated in disability awareness and inclusion outreach activities. A special Eid event and picnic was held, over 25 gifts were distributed to kids with special needs. Accessibility guidelines and financial support of $32000 was provided to the Hyderabad Institute of Excellence.