Thanks to your donations, Abdul was able to take control of his life!

Abdul didn’t allow himself to become a prisoner of polio. One night, Abdul had a special dream where he had become an engineer. Once Abdul awoke, he knew at that exact moment he wanted to make his dream turn into reality. Adbul decided that he wanted to study at the University to obtain his degree. We are proud to say Abdul never gave up on his dreams! He understood he had a job to do and parents to support regardless of his disability. abdul

Abdul became a phenomenal engineering student at V.R. Siddhartha Engineering College and received 86% grades in his B-Tech program. The harsh reality is people with disabilities in India rarely receive an educated for several reasons. For Abdul his struggles were accessibility and financial support. It is an even narrower alley to for a disabled individual to find employment. But Abdul discovered a job with a salary of $7500 per year! Just to put it into perspective, that is more than what his father has made in several years! Abdul’s father is a mechanic and works long hard days in the bustling Indian city of Vuyyur. He earns two-thousand rupees, which is about $44 per month to support his family.

How was Abdul able to attend school? Well… EquallyAble discovered Abdul’s dream to study and become an engineer so we provided Abdul with a $450 per year to pay for four years worth of tuition!

But Abdul didn’t stop there. We heard from India that Abdul’s new employers decided to group together and create special modifications to make Abdul’s wheelchair easily accessible. In India, it is very hard for a person with a disability to find and purchase proper assistive equipment. Before the modifications, Adbul had to be pushed by his mother which prevented to move around independently. His mother used to push the wheelchair on the unruly gravel roads, the long, hard way to school, just so her son could get an education. His father earned little money but he worked, tried and struggled to support his boy. Now that has all changed!

When Abdul received his first salary, he surprised us all! Immediately after his first paycheck, he donated one thousand rupees back to us as thanks for our financial support! We are so grateful for individuals like Abdul who used their hard-earned success to give back to those who supported him. Thank you Abdul and thank you, friends, for your donations. Out of the 105 to 115 million that children that are not in school, 30 to 40 million are disabled. Why? Well, it is common for children and young adults in rural areas to walk long distances to school. But if they have a disability, this is nearly impossible without proper equipment like wheelchairs. Your support and donations are what keep these children and young adults from becoming another number to the 30-40 million disabled.

Together we are allowing more disabled children to attend schools and universities.

Please consider donating. Your donations can help us continue to support disabled students!