Man Went From Crawling On The Dust To Standing On His Own

//Man Went From Crawling On The Dust To Standing On His Own

Man Went From Crawling On The Dust To Standing On His Own

An Incredible Story Of A Young Man Determined To Go To School No Matter The Cost


The gravel skins his knees as he coughs with the dust. People stare with wide eyes, hanging jaws, and pointing fingers. He crawls with the dust, breathes with the dirt. Wheezing, he finally arrives at his school and settles into his seat. When the class was over, he would return to crawling on the dust, determined to head back home. He did this every day.

For years, Jaleel struggled to head to his classes and he had to do it in front of his entire village. His father was a weaver and earned about $44 U.S. dollars a month to support the family. He did the best he could for Jaleel but it wasn’t enough.

Jaleel’s family heard about EquallyAble through a non-profit organization known as FEED. His father decided to write an application for his son. Equallyable decided to grant Jaleel $800 worth of tuition for his education. Jaleel went to the Indian Institute of Information Technology or IIIT of Mehboobnagar but there was still a problem he had to face daily… he still crawled to school.

When we found out that Jaleel was forced to crawl to school, Equallyable gave him a brand new specially modified wheelchair to use. But there is another boulder blocking his path. Jaleel’s school was not an accessible building for wheelchair users, so there is no way for Jaleel to use his wheelchair to get in and out of the building. We sent a request to IIIT requesting ramps to be installed in order for Jaleel to properly attend school. His college accepted the request and immediately built a ramp for Jaleel and his wheelchair. We were overjoyed!

From crawling around on the dusty cement floors to a brand new wheelchair, this young man was finally able to “stand” on his own. His hands used to pull him to school, scraping his knees to burn and sting with the pitiless gravel; but now the wheelchair dusts off the gravel roads for him, leaving a cloud of sand blowing behind him.

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EquallyAble is dedicated to helping and empowering not only children but adults of all ages. We are dedicated to creating new and effective ways for accessibility to local schools and universities.

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