img_1775In the recent past, EquallyAble made two awards of $40000 each under the GiveHope 1000 initiative, available to two non-profit organizations to help set up 100 small businesses each for individuals with disabilities.

And the impact is immediately visible among so many that are being benefited with this initiative, including Mohammed, who hails from Hyderabad and has a heart rendering story.

Mohammed reminds us that an illness or an injury can make any of us a person with a disability at any moment. While working at a clothing shop, he fell and fractured his left leg. Without enough money for adequate medical care, his fractured leg led to a permanent disability. He was now unemployed and he and his two school-age daughters became financially dependent on his wife whose paltry earnings as a maid did not adequately provide for their family.

Though his situation was dire, Mohammed wasn’t without skills, drive, and determination. Earlier in his life he had worked at a hotel and learned to cook. He dreamed of starting his own business—he wanted to operate his own snack cart. As part of EquallyAble’s GiveHope1000 initiative, your donations helped to make Mohammed’s dream come true. Your donations helped Mohammed purchase the supplies and equipment to start his snack cart business.

He now has the dignity and self-respect that comes from being able to provide for his family. Your donations helped Mohammed give his family more financial stability and thus a brighter future.

To help more people with disabilities like Mohammed, please donate to our GiveHope1000 campaign.