List of Disabled Beneficiaries Who Received Assistance And Changed Their Lives Forever

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We have worked hard on a number of heart rendering cases to assist and empower people with various disabilities from different parts of India. Below is a brief list of some of EquallyAble beneficiaries from India based on per program category.

EducationAssist Program:

  1. Shaik Vaheeda
    -MBBS – marks scored 95%
    -Physically Handicapped
    -Hails from Guntur. Father has a small cool drink shop and makes Indian Rupees (Rs) 2000. There are 9 members in the family and 3 of them are in school
    EquallyAble spent $500 for their tuition fees
  2. Salma Khatoon
    -Inter BPC – marks scored 98%
    -Physically Handicapped
    -Hails from Medak. Father has a small business and makes Rs. 2500. There are 11 members in the family and 4 of them are in school
    EquallyAble spent $1250 for their tuition fees

EquipmentAssist Program:

  1. Farooq Qauser Murtuza Siddique
    -28 years old, hails from a poor family. Post polio both lower limbs and spine. Due to poor finances, their family was not able to pay for leg braces and crutches
    -EquallyAble gave $ 10000 in new braces and crutches
  2.  Attaullah Khan
    -He was 8 years old when he was electrocuted during kite flying. He lost his legs and one hand. Since then, he was been struggling to find the appropriate prosthetics so he can continue his life
    EquallyAble gave $1125 worth of artificial limbs and $125 for transportation to visit a health clinic

EmploymentAssist Program:

  1. Rabbani Habib
    -Tailoring Business
    -She suffered from polio at the age of 5 and lost her father. Yet with encouragement from her mother, she completed the 10th grade. She learned how to tailor and began her career but she later was diagnosed with breast cancer
    EquallyAble spent $2000 for medical treatment. She has recovered from this deadly disease. Afterwards, EquallyAble gave sewing and embroidery machines worth $500 so she could start her own tailoring business
  2. Hamza Ameer
    -PAN & STD
    -44 years old. He lost his right hand and lived as a poor street beggar
    EquallyAble gave $1250 so he could start his own small business

Please help us continue to change lives! There is no reason for any person disabled or not, to have the same opportunities to education, employment and medical equipment & assistance!

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give however, makes a life