Brave Child With Cerebral Palsy Changed Her Life


Amanthi was born with Cerebral Palsy and as she grew older, Amanthi became too heavy to be carried around by her parents. The young girl was physically unable to lift herself up and move around the house and as a result, she would end up lying on the floor to spend time with her family. Because of the lack of accessibility, little Amanthi was unable to attend school with her friends.

Yet Amanthi isn’t the only one. Did you know over 150 million children in the world live with a disability and 80% of them live in developing countries? Nine out of 10 of these children do not attend school…The discrimination of these children is based on lack of understanding and knowledge of its causes. For example, some groups believe that disabilities can contaminate others and as a result, they purposely isolate the children from the rest of the population. Like thousands of neighbors around the world, Amanthi’s family were accused by of causing their child’s disability because of possible past sins. Her mother stated,

“Some said that we must have sinned to have a child with a disability.”

But thanks to donors like you, we were able to provide a specially fitted wheelchair for Amanthi!

“The wheelchair has been a great benefit,” Amanthi’s mother told us. “The chair is very good for her posture and for her to see what is going on.”

She is now enrolled back in school and enjoying her newfound freedom! The reality is little Amanthi would’ve never been able to learn with her friends without proper equipment. Children with disabilities like Amanthi are usually among the poorest within their society and less likely to attend school, receive medical attention or even voice their opinions. Luckily Amanthi was blessed with an amazing and supportive family, regardless of the physical struggles.

“Amanthi’s education is very important; she enjoys it and is very proud of her school,” she continued. “It has also been very encouraging to see how she has developed socially with the use of the chair. She can now go round to other houses and can watch events in the village. This inclusion is vital.”

Help us continue to change lives by donating today. Together, we can help disabled children like Amanthi, complete their education and change their future!

Thank You!

EquallyAble is dedicated to helping and empowering not only children but adults of all ages. We are dedicated to creating new and effective ways for accessibility to local schools and universities. Quotes/Pics taken from our amazing partners at Motivation UK