Special Joy for Special Children

                It was pomp, color and fun for the many that showed up that evening-there was enough for everyone-the children with special needs and their families for the Eid event for children with special needs co-hosted by EquallyAble Foundation and ADAMS in the Washington DC area. A major [...]

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Shining Hope Where There Is None

                To Amin and Anil, to Sudha and Sameena, living in a small village was no fun; added to this plight were their disabilities which had rendered them unemployed and poor. They were without any option to make a living and earn towards a decent livelihood. EquallyAble Foundation [...]

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Letting Them Walk Again

                Hailing from a poor family in Nizamabad, Ravi, a post polio survivor, never knew that his dream of bracing a light weight leg brace or caliper would come true. This leg brace would assist him to walk again and provide a means to school and to a [...]

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He Never Gave Up

                Physically disabled Jamaluddin, lives in a small village in Anantapur District,currently earning $60 per month after an internet café was established by EquallyAble. Low cost refurbished PCs were used to set up his cafe. He says this business has provided a livelihood they had once imagined impossible.

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Seeing Light in Darkness

                This is an amazing story of a family of eleven, 6 daughters and 3 sons which survives on the meager income of a private employee of Rs.4,000/- (US$82) per month. All 3 sons are visually impaired and rely on their mother for daily rituals, but this has [...]

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Huzaifa’s success would not have been possible without your support

                    "I want to thank EquallyAble Foundation for the extended support, which helped me to get in here, in IIMA (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad)" said Huzaifa, a polio survivor who beat the odds by gaining admission to the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Years of personal [...]

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