Jani and the power of solar energy…

  Jani would have never thought that a new social innovation that taps solar energy to power homes and creates social entrepreneurship would actually come to his little town and to his home. Jani lives in Akividu, a beautiful village near Bhimavarm on the eastern coast of India known for agricultural rice paddies and is [...]

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Saleem created his own path…

Despite living with disabilities, Saleem created his own path and paved it for others. MD Saleem lives with his mother and wife and earns 6500 rupees while also paying 2500 rupees in rent. Saleem was struggling to provide for his family and was looking for an opportunity to transform his future and create a new [...]

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Taher’s hope was rekindled…

Taher Bin Hassan was born into a family of ten with six brothers and four sisters. Taher was physically challenged with a disability at birth. Taher and his brothers decided to start a grocery store where earned 5000 rupees per month until the property was sold by the owner. Now Taher was unemployed and devastated [...]

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A family man’s dream come true…

  Mohammed Azeemuddin struggled with many difficulties in his life and was determined to provide a better future for his family. Azeemuddin was earning 2000 rupees per month along with a pension of 1500 rupees and was barely providing for his three children. Luckily his wife also knew how to tailor, so she was providing [...]

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Huzaifa Goes to IIM, Thanks To Your Donations.

 For most people with disabilities in developing countries, education is merely a dream. Less than 10% of children with disabilities go to primary school, and only a small fraction of those go on to higher education. Huzaifa, a polio survivor, could have easily been one of those statistics. Instead, he beat the odds by competing for admission in [...]

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All That May Worship

                    On the weekend of April 8th EquallyAble Foundation attended ” That All May Worship” conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia along with other faith bureaus to discuss the issue of access and inclusion in various houses of worship. Over 100 representatives from different faiths, houses of [...]

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