Huzaifa’s success would not have been possible without your support

                    "I want to thank EquallyAble Foundation for the extended support, which helped me to get in here, in IIMA (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad)" said Huzaifa, a polio survivor who beat the odds by gaining admission to the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Years of personal [...]

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GiveHope1000 Giving Hope to Many

In the recent past, EquallyAble made two awards of $40000 each under the GiveHope 1000 initiative, available to two non-profit organizations to help set up 100 small businesses each for individuals with disabilities. And the impact is immediately visible among so many that are being benefited with this initiative, including Mohammed, who hails from Hyderabad [...]

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Huzaifa Goes to IIM, Thanks To Your Donations.

 For most people with disabilities in developing countries, education is merely a dream. Less than 10% of children with disabilities go to primary school, and only a small fraction of those go on to higher education. Huzaifa, a polio survivor, could have easily been one of those statistics. Instead, he beat the odds by competing for admission in [...]

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Our First Beneficiary Well Settled Now

During my short visit to India in June, I had the pleasure to meet with Abdul Nawaz. Abdul was EquallyAble’s first beneficiary. This goes back to 2001, when he was still in high school. His leg braces and crutches were worn out and he used to struggle to go to school with over 45 minutes [...]

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Solar Project Changing Lifestyles

To Amin and Anil, to Sudha and Sameena, living in a small village was no fun; added to this plight were their disabilities which had rendered them unemployed and poor. They were without any option to make a living and earn towards a decent livelihood. EquallyAble Foundation partnered with Consumer Protection Counsel (CPC) in India [...]

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Special Eid Event about Inclusion and Awareness

Courtesy: TheMuslimLinkPaper Four year-old Zaki waits patiently in line as a volunteer fills his bag with popcorn. Before he could get a taste of the salty snack, his older sister grabbed the bag and took off running. Zaki’s head dropped with disappointment. Zaki’s mom, Nureen Huda, explained that her daughter grabbed the popcorn to make [...]

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