Man Went From Crawling On The Dust To Standing On His Own

An Incredible Story Of A Young Man Determined To Go To School No Matter The Cost The gravel skins his knees as he coughs with the dust. People stare with wide eyes, hanging jaws, and pointing fingers. He crawls with the dust, breathes with the dirt. Wheezing, he finally arrives at his school and settles into [...]

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Malawi Woman With Disability Regains Her Independence

Malawi Woman With Disability Regains Her Independence Through Newfound Accessibility Patuma is an incredible woman with a disability. She lives in an isolated and rural village in Malawi with her children but unfortunately, she caught tuberculosis around her spine and as a result, she could no longer walk. Patuma had a very difficult time moving around [...]

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Cerebral Palsy Child’s Life Changed

Brave Child With Cerebral Palsy Changed Her Life   Amanthi was born with Cerebral Palsy and as she grew older, Amanthi became too heavy to be carried around by her parents. The young girl was physically unable to lift herself up and move around the house and as a result, she would end up lying on [...]

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Disabled Beneficiaries Received Assistance

List of Disabled Beneficiaries Who Received Assistance And Changed Their Lives Forever We have worked hard on a number of heart rendering cases to assist and empower people with various disabilities from different parts of India. Below is a brief list of some of EquallyAble beneficiaries from India based on per program category. EducationAssist Program: [...]


Polio Survivor Turns His Life Around

Thanks to your donations, Abdul was able to take control of his life! Abdul didn’t allow himself to become a prisoner of polio. One night, Abdul had a special dream where he had become an engineer. Once Abdul awoke, he knew at that exact moment he wanted to make his dream turn into reality. Adbul [...]

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Shelby’s smile says it all…

Shelby lives in Kenya, is five-years-old, and has cerebral palsy. Since receiving a wheelchair, Shelby’s life has changed. Shelby’s mother, Ann, explains: “Since Shelby has had this chair she is able to sit in a more upright position, her feeding has improved, and she is now able to interact with other children.” Ann explains that [...]

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