Shelby’s smile says it all…

Shelby lives in Kenya, is five-years-old, and has cerebral palsy. Since receiving a wheelchair, Shelby’s life has changed. Shelby’s mother, Ann, explains: “Since Shelby has had this chair she is able to sit in a more upright position, her feeding has improved, and she is now able to interact with other children.” Ann explains that [...]

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Six tips for smooth travel with disability

We all have summer vacations on our mind. Have you planned for your well-needed vacation yet? Are you worried that your disability may prevent you from truly enjoying yourself? Well here at EquallyAble we believe having a disability shouldn’t hold you back! So we found an informative article on how you can prepare for an [...]

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1000 Small Business Initiative

Coinciding with the international day of disability on December 3rd, Equally Able Foundation announced yet another initiative to empower people with disabilities around the world. The “1000 Small Business Initiative” is aimed at ending poverty and unemployment among individuals with disabilities and their families. As part of the “1000 Small Business Initiative”, 1000 small businesses [...]

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More Focus on Individual & Community Outreach

EquallyAble Foundation embarked on a new strategic framework and prioritized 21 different initiatives into 6 strategic programs across two main themes - individual outreach and community outreach. We have created distinctive logos to express these programs visually. Red is used to signify individual outreach. The color red is associated with energy, danger, strength, power, and [...]

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EquallyAble goes global…

Ever since the start of EquallyAble Foundation (EAF) in 2001 much has been accomplished in terms of improving awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities, their families and communities. EAF is now broadening its horizons by expanding programs in different parts of the world; the vision will remain the same - empowering people with disabilities [...]

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New Logo, Website, Structure, & Events Mark 10th Anniversary…

Ten years ago, a few of us met over dinner to talk about the gaps and challenges faced by people with disabilities...that small meeting chartered to a new vision to create a non-profit organization that would solely work on the empowerment of people with disabilities. A lot has been achieved since and a lot more [...]

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