2018 Henry Viscardi Achievement Award

Our Founder Has Received An Award Great News! Our founder Mohammed Yousuf has been bestowed an amazing award! The 2018 Henry Viscardi Achievement Awards recognize exemplary leaders in the disability community who have had a profound impact on shaping attitudes, raising awareness and improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. Mohammed Yousuf stopped walking at the age [...]

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Children With Disabilities Received Special Wheel Chairs In Tajikistan

People With Disabilities Received Special Wheel Chairs In Tajikistan Our June 2018 Report In Tajikistan Recently there have been 14 girls, 16 boys, 8 women and 13 men have received our special wheelchair. Altogether we have 51 wheelchair recipients and 25 of them were under 13 years old. A large proportion of this group has [...]

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How Your Donations Help Disabled Women In Need

June 2018 Report We Have Been Busy Thanks To you! Country: Zimbabwe Thanks to your donations, we have made many accomplishments this summer. In Zimbabwe, Equally Able gave 86 specially modified wheelchairs to those in need! As we continued to work in Zimbabwe we noticed four distinct disabilities: Cerebral Palsy: a condition marked by impaired [...]

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Disabled Beneficiaries Received Assistance

List of Disabled Beneficiaries Who Received Assistance And Changed Their Lives Forever We have worked hard on a number of heart rendering cases to assist and empower people with various disabilities from different parts of India. Below is a brief list of some of EquallyAble beneficiaries from India based on per program category. EducationAssist Program: [...]


2017-18 EquallyAble Activities

A quick high-level overview of EquallyAble activities in the last one year. Download Here. Year At A Glance  

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2016-17 EquallyAble Activities

A quick high-level overview of EquallyAble activities in the last one year. Download Here. 2017 EquallyAble Overview v2

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