EquallyAble Bridging the Gap Awards, Request for Proposals

The EquallyAble Foundation in collaboration with Access Exchange International is proud to announce the creation of the EquallyAble Bridging the Gap Awards.  Elementary schools, Secondary schools, Institutions of higher education, Governmental agencies and non-profit NGOs are encouraged to apply.


Our goal is to improve transportation to and form school so that more children with disabilities will attain the knowledge and skills to enable them to be productive and independent adults within an inclusive society.

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Main types of school transportation will be:

  1. Walkability because children in developing countries who do not travel in a vehicle must walk to and form school or be carried by someone who is able to walk. We want to create safe travel paths in both urban and rural areas so that wheelers as well as those who ride in bicycles and tricycles, may arrive to school safely.
  2. School buses and vans because these are the main vehicles used by many as their school transportation. We will train and employ drivers and assistants on the bus who will be educated in vehicle maintenance and related topics for safety.
  3. Other types of transport especially public transportation such as buses, taxis and smaller vehicles such as motorized auto-rickshaws and other “three-wheelers”. We will coordinare with parents and the overall community to provide safer transportation while promoting the “mobility management” principles.

Together, we can enhance transportation for millions of children with disabilities that want to attend school whether that is walking or riding to class.

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