Our Approach

We believe that every individual with a disability can become a contributing member of our society provided the right support is there such as access to equation, equipment and employment. There needs to be a sense of inclusion and integration in the communities and societies where they belong. Hence, our solutions include providing assistance to the individual as well as building better inclusive communities and societies which are welcoming of those with disabilities. These solutions needs to exist to realize the true potential of those with disabilities and integrate them in our communities and societies.

  • Solutions: Our solutions are simple and designed to work with the skills of the individual. We look at multiple ways of empowering the individuals by providing access to education, equipment and self-employment. Our focus is building the individuals, one person at a time.
  • Integration: Integration needs to happen at all levels, from homes, to schools, to communities and society. The interest of the individual must come first, the abilities should count towards what is possible and not the limitation. Every individual in our eyes is as capable and as productive as any other individual. We look at the abilities and not the disabilities.
  • Inclusion: We are raising awareness about disability thru outreach with different sectors of the society. The potential of those with disabilities need to be understood and acted on, for our communities to transition from providing physical access and removing barriers to becoming more welcoming and inclusive.