Sensing a need that there was not a national or international organization to empower people with disabilities in India, HelpHandicap Foundation (HHF) was formed in May 2001. A small initiative that was started with few programs in Hyderabad soon spread to different part of India.

The programs offered by HHF identified gaps and unmet needs of people with disabilities. Within couple of years, the programs transformed the lives of hundreds of people with disabilities.


A new logo and website was launched. Programs in India were expaned to few other area. HelpHandicap received the prestigious IMC’s Humanitarian Award. HelpHandicap dscontinued mailing several pages of updates to donors and introduced the pocket mailers relying more on the website to provide updates.


After successfully running various programs to transform the lives of people with disabilities in India since 2001, HelpHandicap Foundation (HHF) is changing its name to EquallyAble Foundation (EAF). The new name has a more positive connotation and will allow the foundation to better align its programs in India and now in the USA.

EAF formed working alliances with Texas Muslim Women Foundation and FunAsia as the role media partner in Texas.


A major new push was made towards increasing social media presence. As part of this new initiative, a more attractive and appealling logo was created with the help of some very creative minds at TazaCreative, a new website was launched in Feb/Mar 2011.

Refer to “accomplishment” for year wise accomplishments since 2001.

As we are broadening our vision and scope and going through this change, we look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Please continue to support this cause—this cause needs your support.