About Us

Why we are here

EquallyAble Foundation is dedicated in discovering ways to empower people with disabilities and improve inclusion in in different corners of the world!

Timothy lives in Uganda and developed muscular dystrophy when he was 10 years old. He was unable to walk so his friends carried him to school in a plastic chair.

I don’t feel pain in my joints anymore. My new wheelchair makes me do a lot of things that I was not able to do before; I go to school everyday and am now able to pick coffee with my mother in the garden

Our Belief:

Empowerment and inclusion of people with disabilities leading to independence, mainstream, fulfilling lifestyles, honor and dignity.

Our Cause:

Founded in May 2001, EAF’s (formerly HHF) mission is to integrate people with disabilities into mainstream living, to help them become self-supporting and independent, and enable them to lead an undiminished and accomplished life. And to work on disability inclusion and awareness in different communities the USA.

Our Strategy:

EquallyAble Foundation forms alliances with like minded organizations in the USA and India. The organizations with whom EquallyAble has formed or will form alliance is referred to as Evaluation and Administering Authority (EAA). All EAAs besides being reputable and highly successful organization(s), possess the foreign exchange permit such as the one issue by Reserve Bank of India’s FCRA. EAA carries out thorough verification about applications received at EAF or at EAA before help is provided.

Our purpose is creating a new vision of hope and happiness.


Who are the people behind EquallyAble Foundation?
EquallyAble Foundation (EAF) was founded in May 2001 by a few professionals committed to using their experience and knowledge of dealing with people with disabilities in India. Our executive committee and board of directors are comprised of various professional individuals, representing such areas as engineering, physical therapy and businessmen.

What has EAF accomplished since its formation?
Refer to “accomplishment” or “success stories”.

How can I be assured that my donations are reaching people with disabilities?
EAF works closely with its alliance partners, the assistance granted is offered in kind only to the school, hospital, orthotics and prosthetics centers, equipment maker and livestock provider etc. A thorough evaluation is done to determine the eligibility of the candidates for our various programs.

Will my donations be tax deductible?
EAF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations to EAF are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

What is your operating cost?
Printing, postal charges, domain name/corporation fee are our only operating costs. Services offered by our executive committee and board of directors are purely voluntary.

Why is it important to assist people with disabilities?
If we consider the staggering number of disabled folks in India and other counties, and the limited resources available to them, it becomes fairly obvious that a lot needs to be done to help this community. Estimates show that only 5% of people with mobility impairments receive any kind of orthotics and prosthetics aides such as artificial limbs and calipers; only .1percent of people with disabilities have jobs in government agencies; less than 1% of children with disabilities go to school. They need our assistance, whatever we can do, will help make a difference. Join hands with EquallyAble Foundation to make a difference.

EquallyAble – Dependent No More. Disabled No More.