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1000 Wheelchairs in 10 Countries Initiative

Coinciding with International Disability Day in 2012, EquallyAble Foundation announced the “1000 wheelchairs in 10 countries” initiative. “EquallyAble has long been looking to expand its operations beyond India and the USA,” states Mohammed Yousuf, Founder and President of EquallyAble. “We are excited about this opportunity to provide freedom and honor to people with mobility disabilities [...]



Annual Accomplishments

2013 Accomplishments: INDIA 90 applicants got education assistance at a cost of $12589 422 applicants got equipment assistance at a … [Read More...]



Our First Beneficiary Well Settled Now

During my short visit to India in June, I had the pleasure to meet with Abdul Nawaz. Abdul was EquallyAble’s first beneficiary. This … [Read More...]


Sponsor wheelchair

Sponsor a High Terrain Wheelchair

Seeking your assistance in reaching our goal of providing "1000 wheelchairs in 10 countries"...and hope that you will help us to achieve … [Read More...]